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W.G. Sommerhoff



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In our present generation, for many sport is not only a temporary amusement but has grown into a serious passion in their life. The chief reason for this is to be found in our gradual recognition of its health-giving and invigourating influence on the human system. In this age of haste and hurry Sport not ooly provides us with the recreation which is absolutely neccessary for our mind and body but it also lends elasticity to all our organs in every possible way. The above supplies us with the only explanation why most of the intellectual workers of our time indulge more or less in same kinds of sport, and find in it a stimulation for new ideas and resuscitation of energy.
It is therefore no wonder that among sportsmen of our time we come across persons who occupy an influential position in commerce, industry and banking, as for example, W. G. Sommerhoff, Director of the "Handelsmaatschappij Rhodius König & Co." in Amsterdam. W. G. Sommerhoff was born in America in 1880, and since 1929 has been in the Directorium of the above-mentioned firm. Already in his early youth he devoted most of his spare time to sport, and since then has always taken good care to
keep himself engaged in same sort of sport or other. Being a keen tennis and golf player
he seldom misses an opportunity to indulge in these his favourite sports. Tennis he has been playing from his early years; he even took part in a large number of tournaments. In his later years W. G. Sommerhoff became deeply interested in polo, and in course of time took part in various matches and tournaments organised by distinguished polo clubs. He played in Germany, England, Belgium and South America and various prizes, cups, medals, etc., remind him of many interesting game. Moreover Director Sommerhoff is no less interested in Golf. As a member of the Executive Committee of the “Kennemer Golf en Country Club" in Haarlem he not only takes an enthusiastic and active part in this interesting sport but devotes a great deal of his spare time in the internal organisation of the club and other important problems connected with it. He is, besides, a member of the golf club of the Hague, Noordwijk and Domburg in Zeeland as wel! As the Golf and Land Club, Berlin-Wannsee, and the Golf Club of Frankfurt. A completely different but none the less
interesting Sport which engages the attention of Director Sommerhoff is shooting, particularly red deer und chamois. Every high alpinist knows what a high degree of training is necessary to acquire a fair amount of success in the latter sport. For this purpose he goes mostly to the Bavarian Alps. Besides, he is very keen on pheasant, patridge and duek shooting.


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